Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back to the hunt!

Well, May is a busy month - between countless birthdays and my trip to California and Nevada I put the whole Paris thing on the backburner - but now I'm back!

And rapidly running out of time to find a flat so I am officially subscribing to and hoping to find a flatmate and alternatively looking for short term lets (two weeks/one month) which will do me while I get out there and flat hunt for a long-term let!

I know in my last post I had decided on the studio flat but after trying to go ahead with what was the perfect little studio flat, I realised I really couldn't afford it. For anyone's future reference, with the average letting agency you are looking at up to 800 euros in agency fees alone, on top of that they asked for two months rent (1400 euros) as deposit and THEN you've got to pay your first months rent. Sooo - I had to revisit my, the flat I was eyeing up was a minimum year let and it would probably be better to properly view the flat before I commit to it.

But I've got all my contract stuff through for my job so it's time to get a move on - the flat is up for rent and viewings scheduled for next week - I'm out here latest 15th July so time for the usual cull of useless crap I won't be keeping!

Maybe I should start by tidying my room in preparation for these visits...

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