Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Grange - Ealing Common

I've gotten a lot of s*** from my friends for living in Ealing the past couple of years. If anyone asked if I lived in London and I said yes, a friend would undoubtedly add "well, almost." However, one of the things that makes Ealing very much worth living in - is The Grange. A lovely little pub a short walk from where I live (for only two more weeks) with a gorgeous garden area.

Today, some friends and I went for dinner there...we started out with some Pimms in the garden

And when the rest of our group arrived - we moved indoors to order our meal, it was a little chilly without my cardie!

I had flat bread mushroom with chorizo and goats cheese as a starter, the guys had calamari and baked camembert.

Most of us had the lamb burger for our mains, which we agreed was very nice - though not the best burger we'd ever had - I wish I'd gone with the sausage and mash I saw someone order outside...

The company was brilliant, the wine was lovely (we opted for the second cheapest - Australian Shiraz) and the food was great...we waited a long long time for it though and it was a good two and a half hours after we first sat at the dining table til we were paying our bill...I'll put it down to the fact they had another big party in...but, gun to my head, I'd recommend Charlotte's Place next door for food!

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