Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I love it when a plan comes together

And it has all come together so very nicely!

It began when I started fretting about how I was going to get my quilt and pillows over to Paris. I was thinking, oh no, that's going to take up a whole suitcase! How will I get the rest of my stuff over to Paris?!
No sooner had I paused from my (ahem) constant hardwork, continually applied when I'm in the office, when Kate turned to me, holding a plastic miracle, and said, vacuum bags, you'll be needing some of these!
I was relatively jubilant the rest of the day and promptly ordered some!

The good news keeps on coming though! Today I received two very similar texts:

Edouard: Hi. It's Edouard for the flat. I've thought this through I think. No need for me to do extra visits if you feel like staying in the flat.

Samantha: Hello! Just wanted to let you know I've decided not to bother with more viewings tonight as I'd be delighted to move into the flat!

Some background - Sam was our first choice for new flatmate into the mini haven that is Flat 8.
Edouard is my new future flatmate in Paris.
That's right, the hunt is over! I will be sharing a very, well, it's unusually decorated but it has none of the big issues I've seen with so many other Parisian flats i.e. the living room is just a living room - not someone's bedroom, and, miraculously, it has a proper oven - pizza is once again an option!

The only problem with the flat is that there is no bed frame - it is a very hippy mattress on the floor but it seems from the French ikea that I can get one pretty cheap!

I should also warn anyone thinking of visiting me that it is on the fifth floor of the building, and, like so many other Parisian buildings, there is no elevator! Exercise anyone?

Edouard was nice enough to give me a laptop tour of the apartment - it's cute! The room is bigger than it looks in the picture so I'm quite excited - Edouard himself was lovely as well!

I might have to mention la pièce de résistance - it's 900 frickin metres from the Eiffel Tower!

Oh happy days!

Shove me on the eurostar with a baguette in my hand and beret on my head and I will say à bientot with a smile on my face!

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