Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shoe Shopping!

Today, Claire and I went accidental shopping - where you step into a shop for two seconds and end up in there for gone an hour? Come on, we've all been there! Anyway, I also took the opportunity to play with my new camera - it's just a digital, but I'm trying to get a bit better at taking pictures and this camera is my first step!

Now, New Look is my first choice for shoes! The designs are awesome and they're cheap as anything! Generally they're about £25 each and I'm enjoying them muchly!

I tried so hard to resist buying a pair, with my impending move to Paris I'm trying to save, but somehow these beautiful shoes made it onto my credit card!

The recent realisation that I can walk in these big shoes has opened up a whole new world to me so these shoes are just the perfect addition to my shoe collection, and though it breaks my heart to put them in the second wave of shoes that are coming to France, they are totally and entirely worth it - they'll add a much needed statement to a plain black dress and they are just simply...HOT!

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