Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Who are you visiting? - Myself!

I am happy to report that after being rejected entry to a bar last Friday evening, Fiona and I were much more successful this time around!
We started the night as last time, though minus the extended party, at b@1 in SoHo where the barman was...slightly irritatingly attentive - no, I don't need to know what Greek God my index finger represents, thank you very much! We headed off, fingers intact (barely), to the invite only bar with a healthy amount of trepidation. After getting lost briefly, my fault, and accidentally uncovering the only casino in London that has a craps table (that's for another night), Fi and I sauntered down the familiar alley way that lead us to the bar.
On our way home

There was a little crowd standing outside and we watched as a girl attempted to open the closed door, unsuccessfully. It was soon opened from the inside and the hostess asked 'who are you visiting?' - the answer, in my case, was myself. We were expected (this time), and Fiona and I found ourselves on the other side of the elusive door.

The place itself is tiny, but well decked out and only mildly imposing, or was that just the deer head on the wall?

(not my own picture)

 Fi and I ordered some cocktails and,I must say, a 'Hard Day's Night' has never tasted so good!
Downstairs a girl was nice enough to let us sit at her table where there were spare seats as the small cellar room was jam packed, people were perched on steps and sitting on the floor to watch the bands performing on the small stage.

We enjoyed our drinks and listened politely to the band. I wondered if I were sat where John Lennon sat when Jimi Hendrix wandered into the bar and asked to jam with the house can hope!

The band finished and were followed by The Magic Numbers. We listened a while but it being a school night, us not being huge Magic Numbers fans and being four cocktails down, decided it was best to head off.

Mission accomplished! Though I don't think I did enough networking to be able to saunter straight in next time!

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