Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Barbecoa & Chef Tom

I would like to introduce you to one of my all time favourite people in the whole world! Chef Tom. Aptly named since he is soon to be serving up steaks for you in St Paul's fantastic Barbecoa - and he wanted to take me out to see his new restaurant before I desert him for the delicacies of France!

I learnt there are some perks to going to a restaurant with the soon-to-work-there Chef, it was very much like dining out with a celebrity - people kept coming over to say hello and we got complimentary glasses of delicious prosecco!

I have to warn you this meal was extremely decadent...

We started with the bread board - my favourite was definitely the top one, sooo delicious and the butter was wonderfully salty!

We shared the pit-smoked baby back ribs with chilli and coriander for our starter, they were amazing. For me, they were pretty mild but left your lips tingling at the end of them - Tom, who is a little less a fan of spicy food, could handle them as well! I adored them, but then, I always do enjoy ribs!

On to the mains! I had the pulled pork shoulder which was amazing and clearly a favourite as I saw quite a few go past while I waited for mine! The pork is covered in a bbq sauce which is absolutely delicious, it completely melts in your mouth but there's some good crispy bits in there too! I found the waffle accompaniment a little odd but ate it anyway! It tastes good if you put a bit of pork in the squares though I preferred to eat it with the duck fat chips.

Tom had the dry-aged sirloin steak - when in Rome!

And he ordered the creamed spinach to eat along with it - which I have to say was utterly dreamy!

It was super creamy and had a breadcrumb top layer with some crispy onions on top - Tom informs me it's not at all healthy but by this point you really don't care, just melt into the creamy creamy spinach! As if this wasn't decadent enough (and washed down with delicious Argentinian Malbec) - we decided to split a dessert with our hot drinks...

Passion fruit white chocolate cheesecake with caramelised pineapple. Just do it. Honestly.

I fully recommend this restaurant - please treat yourself - you sit on sofa-esque bench type things and it's decked out upmarket-ly enough that you feel like you're really indulging but it is in no way imposing or pretentious - the waiters and waitresses are incredibly friendly and attentive and the food really is phenomenal. It was an absolutely fantastic evening and Tom and I were in there for gone two hours.

We had a mini stroll round St Paul's Cathedral to help us digest the mass amount of food...

 and Tom indulged me in a standard red phone box picture!

Ah, I'm going to miss London!

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