Friday, July 27, 2012

Cooking with Nichola

It is ambitious, and invariably never works out but for some reason I thought to myself - what shall I have for dinner...I have that goat's cheese...mmm, what I really like is melted goat's cheese...oooh - what's that stuff called with the veg all cooked in a tomatoe sauce and then cheese on top?

Some googling lead me to believe it was a gratin. Well that sounded simple enough...

Dice the veg...

And fry gently.

I didn't have a proper dish to put it in so I had to improvise with this saucepan designed for heating milk...

My delicious designer goat's cheese!

Because making my own sauce would be a step too far.

But I did improvise a splash of balsamic!

Shove it in the oven and have a snack while I wait...

Freshly baked baguette and butter - yes please!

Aaaand eat. Shame to say the pictures are better than the food was - but hey, it's all learning! Maybe next time I'll try following a recipe instead of just trying to blag it.

Off out to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony!


  1. I really love that folks in Europe always eat healthy food and that's why I love reading blogs from your place. I always get a lot of inspiration from blogs like yours. xx

    1. I'm really enjoying all your comments! thank you so much for taking an interest in my blog!