Saturday, July 14, 2012

J'ai arrivée a Paris!

Those goodbyes definitely started to drag and I was so sad and depressed by the end of it to be saying goodbye constantly to all my favourite people that by the time it came to the point that I was to board my Eurostar - I was very ready! I was still completely and utterly saddened to say goodbye to everyone but the minute I got off that eurostar and into a taxi, I was in absolute heaven.
As we drove past the Haussmannien buildings, the jardins de tuileries, concorde, restaurant after restaurant with people drinking wine, people walking with their baguettes in hand and, finalement, the Eiffel Tower - I'm not ashamed to say my eyes welled up with the utter bliss of being back in Paris.

It turned out my new flatmate had given me the wrong door code but after trying the wrong one a few times I was lucky enough that some other people were entering the building so I indiscreetly watched them type in the code before following them in! Then the tricky part - my clothes suitcase was heavy. Seriously heavy. Many a man tried to help me en route and attempting to lift it invoked the standard 'woah' or, once across the channel, 'oof''! So when faced with the five flights up to my new apartment, I was suitably intimidated.

But lug it I did (and yes I may have stopped twice for considerable amounts of time) and then rejoiced by putting my bed sheets on my new bed (a platform on the floor which keeps my mattress for being on the actual wood)!

That's all I felt the need to do - the couple who are temporarily staying in the living room (I know - it's all a bit 'bohemian') arrived and I had a lovely chat with them before venturing out to explore and take some pics of the Eiffel Tower. I wasn't gone long as I was entirely exhausted from the journey and the suitcase carrying!

My dinner was delicious though...

And my neighbourhood is very cute - even without the Eiffel Tower being so nearby!

But finally - the fireworks for Bastille Day seem to have stopped and I am completely knackered! Tomorrow I shall wake up in Paris and who knows what awaits me!

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