Monday, July 16, 2012

Je suis une cinéphile!

I am a cinema crazy-going-to-a-lot person. This is my translation and don't mess with it! Yesterday was my first proper day in Paris! Welcome me! I started it out by visiting one of my familiar places from when I was a student. Les jardins du luxembourg.

And it just goes to show that even though you're somewhere you've been before - there are still hidden treasures to be found...

It also appears to be popular with runners so I'll definitely be giving that a go! I have to admit though - as fun as it was to see Paris again, half the fun is having people to share it with... And being the social bee that I am - I didn't waste any time in finding some people! This website may well be the thing that saves me from being sad and lonely and missing my friends no end! The Movie Club meet up to go watch films and, luckily for me, they had arranged to go see Rock of Ages that afternoon! I did not hestitate in signing up to join them. Good move by me!

Welcome to Bercy! A cute little shopping/restaurant area I would not have discovered otherwise (probably) - I had some great fun wondering round a little art shop before I met the movie people.

I came away with a little notebook - which I love. But more fun was had at the cinema, the group were lovely and friendly and, whilst we didn't all agree that Rock of Ages was amazing (I loved it but you have to take it for what it is - a musical with a ridiculous clichéd storyline!) we did all have much fun having a drink afterwards and talking about all sorts! It was fantastic to have some easy banter and social interaction - and whilst they spoke in English (not just for my benefit, a couple of others were rusty too), most of them were French so hopefully some opportunities to practice when I get a bit more confident.

SHOES! Because - why not?

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