Saturday, July 21, 2012

Montmartre - a walking tour

Another meet-up, and very good fun was had indeed! Many of you, if you've been to Paris, have been to Montmartre - you know, that area with the big white church?

It's featured pretty prominently in Amelie - if you've been to Paris and missed it you have done yourself a great injustice! Anyway, today I participated in a walking tour around this area, but not just any walking tour, an interactive walking tour with actors! You can find out about it here! I most definitely recommend!

It was fun, informative and definitely entertaining! Wear comfy shoes, since you do walk a lot! I won't go into too much detail about the actual tour as it will ruin it but you learn about the area off the main tourist strip whilst following the fictional story that your tour guide is seeking to find this lost love 'la belle Gabrielle' - it's definitely worth doing! I did it with a group from meet-up which was fun as you get to meet some people for the tour and there was a discount as well. But more importantly - it meant the day ended with my favourite thing about France - wine!

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