Sunday, July 29, 2012

Slutty Brownies

I decided to do some baking for the people in my office to say thank you for being so welcoming. Now, I am not a very talented baker - except for the odd carrot cake which I'm actually quite good at, and since I was pressed for time I nabbed this recipe from a blog I really enjoy - find it here because I won't deign to tell people how to cook!

But here goes my attempt...

French versions of the ingredients!

With French instructions - it's all learning!

Cookie mix was good and easy - add 'oeuf' - done.

Yeah - first bit taken care of!


They didn't have brownie mix in my local Franprix so I bought 'fondant au chocolat' - it required more effort than a brownie mix - four eggs and butter - but I figured it would be OK.

Stirring in the butter without an electric whisk was a bit of a pain.

My kitchen isn't exactly big enough for extravagant baking...

And on with the fondant!

Good and chocolate-y, and yes, there may be some bits of butter that I got bored trying to smoosh into the mixture - I just figured they'd melt.

Haha - little indents where the oreos are!

But they look alright to me!

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  1. You are so creative! Not only is this blog Parisian chic but the cake is making me drool! xxx