Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wine and Cheese

Yesterday was a very French day. I was surrounded by French colleagues all day and then again all night - I don't think I've spoken so much French in one day than I have today. It highlighted two things; first, that already, my French is improving - specifically my comprehension - it's more rare that I'll get asked a question in French and all they will receive as a response will be a confused face; second, I really, seriously, need to work on my spoken French! Forming a sentence is tough.

But enough whining! I spent the night surrounded by bread, meat, cheese and wine - and better yet - it was French bread, French meat, French cheese and French wine!

I bought this goats cheese with strawberry jam in the middle from my local fromagerie for the occasion. We don't have enough of these England - shops dedicated to selling cheese only!

I also treated myself to a yummy looking goats cheese!

 And then headed out the the banlieue for the first time!

But like une vrai parisienne, I panicked about missing the last metro - which I very nearly did - luckily some lovely people dropped me back in Paris and I was relieved to see the Eiffel Tower sparkling for the midnight hour.

Absolutely lovely people, wonderful food and a very tired Nichola - why do the French consider anything ending before midnight on a weekday too early? I am not a Parisienne yet!

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  1. I am so jealous! I am really missing wine and cheese as it is and this just looks lush!