Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cinéma en plein air

 Outdoor cinema! I only JUST made it before the thing closed.

I cannot recommend this more. It was brilliant fun - I didn't stay for the whole film but I really enjoyed the experience - we got there about 19.30 and had a picnic.

The screen doesn't go up til about 22.00 which means I didn't stay for the whole film - if you're going to go take warm clothes - even if it's a nice day, you cannot underestimate how much it cools down at night - take a blanket to sit on as well - and you can rent chairs when you're there - though we got there early and got a good location so there was no need - but it would be more comfortable I imagine!

Will have to wait til next year now. But check out the website here!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cabbage Crust Quiche

I am trying to be a bit healthier - I'm not entirely sure how healthy I could consider this to be but it's a Cabbage Crust Quiche - all the delicious-ness of quiche without the calories included by the pastry crust - and it was pretty damn tasty! If you're a better cook than me yours will be even better!

Anyway, here's the weird quiche recipe, I actually really enjoy this, and I will definitely be making it again! This is based on this recipe I found here. I did a few things wrong/different, but hey, I was happy with how mine turned out!

You will need:
1 leek
2 onions
olive oil
cheese (I'm not sure what cheese it was I picked up though I think it was gruyere...)
2 eggs
cream (1 cup) - I used the whole packet I picked up.

Preheat oven to gas mark 4/350 Fahrenheit/175 celcius

Boil some water and blanche the cabbage leaves.

Use the cabbage leaves to line the oven proof dish - try to make sure there's no gaps for the mixture to seep through.

Two onions, dice them and sauté them in olive oil.

Add your quiche ingredients, I chose leek and mushroom but spinach and leek is the original suggestion in the recipe!

Whilst this is frying, mix two eggs in a bowl with your cream. I used creme fraiche, full fat.

Then I cut up little chunks of cheese, and added them but I would assume it would be better to get a cheese you can actually grate so next time I might search out some good old fashioned chedder! Or maybe comté or parmesan and just use a little less since they are much stronger cheeses.

Add salt and pepper for seasoning.

Once the leek and mushroom are about cooked - add them into your egg mixture.

And pour it into the dish to go into the oven. Cook for about 30 minutes, I think I left mine in for 40 in the end.

Slice into 4 and one should be sufficient as a serving, a side salad would be nice, I like baby leaf salad (rocket/spinach) with a little balsamic - yum!

It was pretty tasty! Don't get me wrong, a regular quiche is better, I love the crusty pastry, but this is a bit different and you won't feel like you have to hit the gym afterwards!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Gnocchi is my friend

I'm trying to get a bit more into cooking, and one of the things I really enjoy (since my chef friend told me how to make it) is a super easy, super quick, gnocchi recipe. I think it's a little unusual - at least I haven't yet met anyone else who has gnocchi this way, but I am in love with it.

You will need:
olive oil
any kind of sliced meat or bacon cubes

Heat olive oil in frying pan (medium heat).

Fry the gnocchi for about two minutes.

Add leek and mushroom - I like to go overboard on the mushrooms because I love them! If you have a bigger frying pan then I do I suggest you use it!

Add more olive oil if needed - I end up using loads!

When the mushrooms, leeks and gnocchi are about done (starting to go a lovely delicious looking brown at the edges), throw your meat on - this only applies if you opt for a meat that is already cooked or cured - if you go for bacon bits then throw them in first thing with the gnocchi. My chorizo slices don't need to cook, I just throw them in the frying pan to warm them up a bit.

Dish up! The whole thing doesn't take more than 15 minutes, just keep stirring it round the frying pan or, if you've got the skill, flipp the food in the frying pan like a real chef! I try, but tend to lose the odd mushroom and that saddens me.

The thing I love about this meal other than it's absolutely simplicity and infallibility, is that you can easily vary it. Long stemmed broccoli would go nicely, I made it once with some onion - not bad - but leek and mushroom and some kind of ham-like substance is my go-to. Happy days!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some Instagramming

Home-made quiche - not made by me.
Van Gogh at the musée d'orsay
my new necklace
champ de mars
The bridge from Inception
Savoury crepe
quai de la tournelle

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yaki Sushi

I've had a favourite sushi place in Paris for a long time - 6 years to be exact. And tonight, I am glad to confirm that it has not changed a bit! The food is still delicious, the price is still ridiculous (in the good way) and I am a very happy bunny indeed!

It looks like every other Japanese restaurant in Paris - to be fair, it might be, but I love this one! And it's situated in the gorgeous area of Luxembourg. So afterwards you can take a stroll to see the panthéon or walk through les jardins du luxembourg or, as I chose to do, go get a drink at the English pub The Bombardier up the street.

And it turns out Picasso lived opposite for a brief period!

As long as you're hungry, I recommend going for one of the menus - you get a teeny salad and miso soup to start, followed by your main. I am in love with menu 14 - which is (after the salad and soup) 6 california maki and brochettes. Brochettes are the reason I prefer sushi in Paris to sushi in London.

A variety of skewered meats! Now - they're not to everyone's tastes but I LOVE these things. You have two chicken skewers (one on the bone), a salmon one, a meatball one and then...the one which always causes controversy, the boeuf au fromage. This is beef with cheese in the middle. Now, as far as I know, I'm the only English person that enjoys this, all my friends thought it was a disgusting idea. To be honest, I don't blame them, but it's hard for  me to dislike anything involving cheese.

Go and enjoy! Find it at 4 rue gay-lussac. Nearest metro, Luxembourg, RER B.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Film Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Or - as the French put it, 'jusqu'à ce que la fin du monde nous sépare'. I saw this film with three other people, and I'm the only one that actually enjoyed it. 

This movie centres round Steve Carrell living in a world where they have just been informed they have three weeks left before a meteor destroys the Earth. He befriends Keira Knightley, his neighbour, under these circumstances and, well, I won't tell you any more because you can find out online and personally, I don't like to know too much about how a films going to go before I go to watch it.

It's very slow moving, in fact, that's exactly what the other people I saw it with said they didn't like, it was too slow, 'not enough action'. Odd, I thought the French loved their character-based movies where it's all talking...regardless of their opinion I'm going to go ahead and recommend. I'd say it was quite an easy-watching film, with some good comedy moments, but it's definitely not an out and out comedy.

I think I'm done with Keira Knightley though. Not her biggest fan. She seems too similar to me in all her movies and I'm kind of done with her. But that's just me. She didn't annoy me too much in this film.

Steve Carrell, really enjoy him, but if you haven't seen him in a more dramatic role, like Dan In Real Life, then you might have the wrong expectations for him in this film. So, be warned, and then watch Dan in Real Life, it's another awesome film where not a lot happens but it's good easy watching and has some good comedy bits.

I would probably put this in my indie film collection. I definitely intend on buying it. I'll give it three popcorns out of five as it wasn't spectacular - it was just good watching. At time of writing a respectable 7.1 on imdb. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Day with Alicia

Saturday was absolutely fantastic, but my new friend Alicia, is officially a terrible influence on me! I was quite happily doing a bit of shopping before I met her, on my local high street, the champs elysées.

First, she made me buy French books to help me improve my French, and she picked out really good books, as she described them 'unputdownable', so that I would want to read them constantly.

THEN she practically FORCED me to go to Haagen Daaz where we enjoyed some delicious ice cream.

Then she walked me all over Paris (we think we covered about 5k) so that we HAD to endure the sights! We passed some pretty impressive areas both traditional....

and, well, indulgent...

And some funky places that really had no purpose...

But the highlight was walking through one of the older parts of Paris - down the rue des petits champs. This street was amazing, there was one of Paris' oldest brasserie which I looked in the window of - seriously traditional Parisian style with the glass partitions between tables and everything - and it offers 'service non-stop' so open pretty late - you can find it here. Also on that street was a seriously traditional sweet shop. We're talking old school - there was still a retro scale that must've been used back in the day. It was awesome! We also stumbled upon an accessories shop where we spent too much money...

A necklace for Alicia
A necklace for me
We then met a load of Brits...actually tell a lie, for a 'British people in Paris' meet-up there were only three of us from Ol' Blighty! But never the less, some good people commenced a pub crawl of some of the nicer pubs in Paris. It started at The Bowler, then we walked up to the Freedom, then onto the Auld Alliance which a pretty awesome little Scottish pub we'd been to before. After that is a pub I definitely plan to visit again called The Highlander and then I called it a night after The Great Canadian. To tell you the truth, it's all a little hazy...I have no idea why...