Monday, August 6, 2012

1st Sunday of the month

First Sunday of every month is free museum day in Paris. Happy times! I took advantage of it and went to Musée d'Orsay. A gorgeous museum that is a converted train station - it boasts the biggest Impressionist art collection - my favourite style of art.

The queue was daunting - but that is to be expected - and considering how long it was, it actually moved pretty quickly, less than an hour to get in, think it was about forty minutes. Beware the pigeons though - they attack!

The museum itself is worth going for.

You can definitely picture it as it was as a train station.

And I thought the café was absolutely amazing. The chairs were a funky design, the lamp shades were amazing and you're sat behind one of the big clocks! I didn't eat here so I can't testify as to whether the food is any good but I would definitely go here for at least a drink!

And there's obviously plenty of art! I love this polar bear! I should also warn you that you're not allowed to take pictures in the museum - which may be why the guy on the right is giving me a death stare - but I couldn't help myself...

Especially when it came to Van Gogh! Though I think there's more of his works in the National Portrait Gallery in London than there was here so I was a little sad about that.

There's a pretty funky furniture section as well! 

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