Monday, August 13, 2012

Film Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Or - as the French put it, 'jusqu'à ce que la fin du monde nous sépare'. I saw this film with three other people, and I'm the only one that actually enjoyed it. 

This movie centres round Steve Carrell living in a world where they have just been informed they have three weeks left before a meteor destroys the Earth. He befriends Keira Knightley, his neighbour, under these circumstances and, well, I won't tell you any more because you can find out online and personally, I don't like to know too much about how a films going to go before I go to watch it.

It's very slow moving, in fact, that's exactly what the other people I saw it with said they didn't like, it was too slow, 'not enough action'. Odd, I thought the French loved their character-based movies where it's all talking...regardless of their opinion I'm going to go ahead and recommend. I'd say it was quite an easy-watching film, with some good comedy moments, but it's definitely not an out and out comedy.

I think I'm done with Keira Knightley though. Not her biggest fan. She seems too similar to me in all her movies and I'm kind of done with her. But that's just me. She didn't annoy me too much in this film.

Steve Carrell, really enjoy him, but if you haven't seen him in a more dramatic role, like Dan In Real Life, then you might have the wrong expectations for him in this film. So, be warned, and then watch Dan in Real Life, it's another awesome film where not a lot happens but it's good easy watching and has some good comedy bits.

I would probably put this in my indie film collection. I definitely intend on buying it. I'll give it three popcorns out of five as it wasn't spectacular - it was just good watching. At time of writing a respectable 7.1 on imdb. 

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