Monday, August 6, 2012

My running route

I always wondered at what point I could rightly call myself a 'runner'. Was it when I finally broke the 3 miles barrier? Was it when I entered my first half marathon? Was it when I completed my first half marathon? I'm not sure but I've been running now for nearly 4 years on a fairly regular basis and have my first marathon lined up for 29th October this year, so I will go ahead and call myself a runner.

Now, running in Paris can be tricky - obviously it's a city, and I live in the 15th, which is generally packed full of tourists; the pavements are narrow so running around my block isn't really an option, unless I want to knock down the odd Parisian here and there, fall over restaurant tables and chairs and trip over the dog leads that invariably end with the tiny designer puppies which seem synonymous with Paris dog ownership!

Luckily for me, I live next to a lovely park...

The champs de mars! I don't run around the actual green fields that spread out in front of the Eiffel Tower - but behind those lovely trees are fantastic walkways that seem very much designed for runners like me!

The fantastic thing about these paths is that they're shaded, don't get me wrong, it's still very painful to run on a scorching hot day but this will afford you more relief than running along the river! It's nice as well because it's popular - I'm seeing a few familiar faces these days!

The views are pretty sweet as well...

And, if there's a slight breeze, I get a refreshing spray of this fountain as I run past...probably not particularly sanitary but cooling none the less. And no dogs are out to send me flying onto my face...

Satan's helper indeed.

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