Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yaki Sushi

I've had a favourite sushi place in Paris for a long time - 6 years to be exact. And tonight, I am glad to confirm that it has not changed a bit! The food is still delicious, the price is still ridiculous (in the good way) and I am a very happy bunny indeed!

It looks like every other Japanese restaurant in Paris - to be fair, it might be, but I love this one! And it's situated in the gorgeous area of Luxembourg. So afterwards you can take a stroll to see the panthéon or walk through les jardins du luxembourg or, as I chose to do, go get a drink at the English pub The Bombardier up the street.

And it turns out Picasso lived opposite for a brief period!

As long as you're hungry, I recommend going for one of the menus - you get a teeny salad and miso soup to start, followed by your main. I am in love with menu 14 - which is (after the salad and soup) 6 california maki and brochettes. Brochettes are the reason I prefer sushi in Paris to sushi in London.

A variety of skewered meats! Now - they're not to everyone's tastes but I LOVE these things. You have two chicken skewers (one on the bone), a salmon one, a meatball one and then...the one which always causes controversy, the boeuf au fromage. This is beef with cheese in the middle. Now, as far as I know, I'm the only English person that enjoys this, all my friends thought it was a disgusting idea. To be honest, I don't blame them, but it's hard for  me to dislike anything involving cheese.

Go and enjoy! Find it at 4 rue gay-lussac. Nearest metro, Luxembourg, RER B.

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