Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Visit from Ben: Day Four

I was trying to think what to write about since all I remember is being very hungover and tired!

But Ben reminded me that actually - it was pretty eventful journey home! After McDonalds in Marseilles (sue us - we needed it) we headed to the airport where, upon check in, Ben spotted Eric Cantona. Now, I didn't recognise him - but here he is:

He's a big guy... Following our celebrity spot we were then asked to leave the terminal to go back to the main airport section... the police with dogs hinted to us there was probably a bomb scare or some such event. On our way back through security Ben was treated to the French people's system, or lack there of, of queuing. Honestly, sometimes I miss the overly polite people of England...

Anyway, one coach, one bus, one plane, another bus and a metro and we were HOME! An hour later we headed to the Eurostar to drop Ben off to catch a train...but not before we grabbed another yummy baguette!

One of those crazy long weekends that doesn't feel like a holiday because you do so much but it was awesome! Enjoyed being your plus one, Ben - I've got some weddings next year so hopefully I'll be able to return the favour!

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