Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Visit from Ben: Day One

A few months back, my good friend Ben decided he would 'kill two birds with one stone', his words, by inviting me to be his plus one for a wedding in the South of France. This would enable him, he explained, to both see me, and have someone to accompany him to his friend's wedding. I was flattered...sense the sarcastic tone... but, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to actually travel outside of Paris for the first time, and Ben was good fun... when he wasn't referring to me as something to cross of his 'to-do' list.

This was not Ben's first trip to Paris - so we skipped the tourist scene...well, except for the obligatory Eiffel Tower snap...

and, after a brief museum visit, decided it was about happy hour and headed to The Thistle (sue me, I love a good English pub no matter where I am) in Les Halles.

After many, many (many) cocktails we decided we better have something to eat...and, lucky for me, we found that there is an awesome little sushi place down the street from me!

And I learnt the best thing you ever want to do, in any French restaurant, is order a 'pichet' of your preferred type of wine...look for it in the menu, and no, that price isn't wrong, it is just dirt cheap, and decent (well, by your average wine drinker's standard).

Sushi and brochettes, bien-sur, and Ben and I headed home to sleep - early flight in the morning....

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