Friday, September 7, 2012

A Visit from Ben: Day Three

 The day of the wedding Ben and I decided to take it easy - starting with a good long lie-in and then an easy wander around Carpentras to see the sights!

 Carpentras is the definition of quaint - it's really cute, but Ben and I got a little bored of wandering around our little area (we'd done enough sight seeing for one weekend) so decided to buy some lunch and chill out for a bit before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

 We got to the wedding place nice and early.

Ben wore this gorgeous suit.

And I wore a cute little promod number.

What can I say? We looked good. We were ready to...well, enjoy the wedding first, but then really enjoy celebrating the bride and grooms love by drinking and dancing!

The wedding took place in the grounds of the chateau du martinet and it was absolutely gorgeous. The priest was pretty funny, the string quartet were phenomenal and the ceremony was beautiful.

They definitely picked a good day for it!

 Gorgeous bridesmaid's dresses!

And suddenly they're husband and wife!

Everyone proceeded to the chateau for the champagne reception...which was amazing...though went on long enough that we were a little smashed by the time it came round to dinner.

Delicious dinner, hilarious speeches and several bottles of wine and champagne empty on our table...the night took off...

Suffice to say, Ben had to put me to bed...well, there's always one at every wedding isn't there?!

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