Saturday, September 15, 2012


Friday night and I decided to have my first night out clubbing at Wagg. Now, no decent club gets interesting before midnight so I stopped by my favourite English pub in Paris, The Bombardier, for happy hour.

I'll talk about the Bomb another time because it really is awesome, but for the purposes of this post, we had some fun having a pre-partying, happy-hour cuba libre (though the place has some good English ales apparently...) and, after a few drinks, Mareike and I headed off to the club.

The club was pretty cool, all cellar-esque, and they had a man playing a sax on the dance floor and a woman singing once or twice.

The company was great but unfortunately, I think we came on a bad night because the music was pretty dull. We stayed an hour or so before we got bored.

But the girls assure me that the music's normally better so I'll probably give it a second chance at some point...and report back.

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