Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Birthday Weekend: Day Two

It was a nice day, so we started with a long walk from my house to the Louvre - so that everyone could enjoy the beautiful sites of Paris...

Finally! We made it...I think we were walking for about an hour. Now, I have to admit, the Louvre is not my favourite museum...the paintings bore me after a while and I've never been a big sculpture person...but everyone who comes to Paris should see the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo at least, so we traipsed on through.

A couple of hours later and we were ready for a sit down and have a cup of tea before we went home to get ready for the evening. That evening promised to be very exciting because we had reservations at the Moulin Rouge! I'd never been before so I was just as excited as everyone else! First though...was dinner!

Photo courtesy of Rosie - of me and Fiona walking up the final flight of stairs to Montmartre
We headed to Montmartre so that we could easily walk to the Moulin Rouge after.

We went to a restaurant I used to love back in my student days...but I'm sad to say the quality has very much gone so I won't be recommending it. It was adequate though - so we ate up and went on our way.

Thomas would like to welcome you, to the Moulin Rouge!

Rosie's sneak pic of the inside of the Moulin Rouge!
They collect your cameras upon entry so if you want to sneak a few shots make sure you've tucked it away in your bag when you get inside, and be discrete - they will come and tell you off!

If you want to be surprised by the show then don't watch the below - but, if you want to have a better idea of what you can expect from the moulin rouge - the below is pretty much what we saw.

It started off kinda slow but I think I can safely say we all loved it. Definitely pleased I went! It is pricey though, at 105 euros we had half a bottle of champagne each (this was actually perfectly adequate) which lasted the whole show.

After the show we were allowed to take pictures.

And outside there was an extremely fun vent!

Although tired from the night out (we caught the 11 o'clock show) we decided to go the nearest bar - and found one with a live band, and a red hot bar!

Chris's pic!

Several cocktails later...and the closing of the bar...found us in another bar further down the way!

This bar closed at 5 (I think), and we then proceeded to hang out in front of the closed bar, me chatting French to the bouncer, Claire chatting Italian to the token Italian guy and Tom and Chris chatting to some French girls. Chicken kebabs were in order before we finally got a taxi (it was a taxi, right?) home. Suffice to say we were a little worse for wear the next day.

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