Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Weekend: Day Four

Again, a huge delay! Inexcusable, but, final installment! On the Monday, my actual birthday, my remaining friends were due to leave. We made the most of the final day. We started by exploring the Marais.

I enjoyed the spray painted poles! After some walking and a drink, Tom talked us into going to my favourite sushi place, I spoke about it before here.

Chris and Tom ordered boats...and then set about improving them...

Yes, those are cannons. After munching our way through sushi we went up the Tour Montparnasse, so the guys could get a view of the city since the Eiffel Tower let us down!

The views were cool, even if it was super windy on the top!

And, before we left, Tom wanted to go to Harry's Bar, the place where they invented the Bloody Mary! This place is amazing, you have to go and spend a small fortune on a cocktail and just imagine what it must've been like when Hemingway and the Fitzgerald's drank there!

It was a truly amazing long weekend and I was very sorry to say goodbye to everyone - especially depression since it was my birthday!

Luckily for me, I'd arranged for all my new Paris friends to meet for a pizza in the Bombardier (I swear I'll post about this place soon), and was completely touched by the amount of people who turned up, and the effort they went to! I got chocolates, a cake, flowers and even a kettle! It was a truly fantastic end to a beautiful weekend!

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