Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Weekend: Day Three

It's no big surprise that we woke up somewhere close to noon on day three. So, with only the afternoon left, we all went to the Eiffel Tower...wait. I forgot there's a running theme that started on day two. Day two, our first trip was to the Eiffel Tower, obviously to go up to the top and enjoy the views of Paris, but the top floor was closed. So we tried again on day three but alas, again the top was closed - so we decided to take a walk down to my favourite museum in Paris, musée Rodin.

Some of us enjoying ice lollies on the way...

Now the musée Rodin is a gorgeous museum full of fantastic works of art...unfortunately, we were all a little tired and hungover so we ended up messing around...

Ahem...we're not proud of it...who am I kidding, it was hilarious! But it really is a brilliant museum and costs a euro to go to the gardens - I totally recommend.

Anyway, when we finally got too tired to carry on...appreciating the art...we went home to get ready for our night out. First stop was dinner...and...try this place!

It's called Refuge des Fondues....and yes, that is wine in a baby bottle I'm holding there! This place has mixed reviews - as you will read on 'tripadvisor' - but if you know what to expect, you can do as we did, and just enjoy it for what it is!

Do we look crammed into our seats? Well we were! This place is TINY - and we all climbed over the table to get to our big long bench!

Does our table look a little cluttered to you? Well it was! You literally spend the whole evening reaching over people to dunk your bread in melted cheese or fry your meat in hot oil. We were crowded and hot from the fondu flames but by god, did we have a good time eating!

Being completely honest, it's not even the best fondu I've ever had! But you go for the novelty, it's good fun. You get no choice as to menu - it's meat fondu or cheese fondu (or both) - we had one of each between six and we were all stuffed! Go for the fun, and if you don't expect it to be the best meal of your life, you'll be fine. You'll have to wait for your table - but there's a fun bar next door which is tiny; the barman speaks no English, but it has hidden treasures...check out the walls!

So, happy and full of cheese - we wondered off to my favourite jazz place in Paris.

I love this place. After the band is finished they usually play some good American classics, "Hit the road, Jack" and all that. I'm purposefully omitting the name of the place though - it's too popular already!

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