Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Weekend in Brussels

We've met my good friends Shreena and Krishna before. Theirs is an epic love story that I will revisit another time. Suffice to say for the moment that this Leicester girl and Texan lad married a year ago and currently live in Brussels and I had planned a visit for a while....

Brussels October 2012

Shreena and I are friends from well back, about six months before she met Krishna, we met on a travel year abroad in Paris and bonded over our love of chilling in front of movies with a good cup of tea and eating plenty of delicious food. Well, I'm happy to say that not much has changed...

Brussels October 2012

Now obviously Belgium is famous for it's waffles and everyone told me, get a waffle, get a waffle, get a waffle, and I was like, yeah, OK...I'm not a fan really but I can't go to Belgium and not get a waffle...

Brussels October 2012

Brussels October 2012

Brussels October 2012

As you can see, plenty a waffle was had but I have to pass on my wisdom - pass on the waffle shop options and enjoy the waffles you see being sold from vans all over Brussels (the ones Shreena and I have in the first picture) THESE are the best things in the whole wide world.

Additionally I was told that I had to drink beer, not usually much of a fan...but did you know you're allowed to drink on the streets here?! Well, at least that's what Krishna tells me...

Brussels October 2012

And Shreena introduced me to Kreik as well! Most enjoyable, and I found a great little pub in Paris that does it down rue descartes!

Brussels October 2012
We also did the cultural bits too, I promise!

Brussels October 2012
Can you see what's wrong with this building? Krishna had to tell me.

Brussels October 2012

Brussels October 2012
In Shreena's words "Brussel's answer to the Eiffel Tower". The manneken!

Brussels October 2012
It's a little odd as a tourist 'must-see' but there you are. The story behind it was quite funny, though me and Shreena didn't understand it the way Krishna told it...

The weekend was over too soon inbetween eating, being cultural and, well, to be honest me and Shreena like to chill out in front of a movie so we did a lot of that too! If you haven't seen Tangled btw...worth a watch!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Film Review: The Paperboy

This is exactly the sort of film that's hard to see in England because it's so different from mainstream cinema that it usually doesn't get a lot of advertising or cinema time and passes by unnoticed. I love the Parisian cinema scene since they show a massive variety of films and they're usually available to watch for up to 8 weeks. I'd already read about The Paperboy so when I saw it was out in the cinema I made plans to see it, not knowing exactly what to expect, but knowing it was going to be weird...

(imdb pic)

Now personally, I really enjoyed this film. It held my attention and was never dull, plenty going on! It's not going to be for everyone though since the content is a little strange...I don't want to give too much away because I think it's a brilliant film to watch not really having any idea what to expect. The performances are good though and I like Zac Efron appearing in a film SO removed from his High School Musical days. However, John Cusack really steals the show.

(imdb pic)
Absolutely incredible performance. Four popcorns out of five...I won't rush out to buy it on DVD but I'll probably watch it again at some point.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Soulmate

A couple of years ago I went travelling, and as such I had to find someone to replace me in my flat...cue Steph.

An ad in, and who should answer but the ying to my yang, the fish to my chips, the teabag to my get what I mean.
Steph and I had barely exchanged a message before we knew this was something special, something that was going to last a lifetime. It even meant that while I was off travelling the world, the person I contacted to open my post and provide me all sorts of confidential information was the (then relatively unknown) Miss Murphy. Imagine our absolute ecstasy then, when my moving back home coincided with a room becoming available in the flat. Steph and I were flatmates!

So our long distance soulmate-ship became a very close quarter soulmate-ship. Many a cup of tea was drank and many a gossip was shared as we caught up on the twenty (or so) years we had missed from each others life. It lead to some serious ridiculousness...including a good hour spent trying to get the flags draped from the ceiling to sway by making fart noises. Yes, we are mature.

Fun times were had messaging each other - even though we were both in the living room... Now we have one less excuse to talk with voices YAY
 me: ha I love that there was still the 'ha' despite me clearly having heard you
 me: hahahhahahahahahaha

That's one of my favourites but there are so many to choose from that I could literally fill a book with hilarious conversation - this one about my internationally themed birthday party will never fail to make me laugh. I'm so excited, I feel like it's my birthday
 me: I got international cups and plates!!!
 steph.murphy88@gmail.commind explodes

Leaving Steph was one of the hardest things I had to do when I moved to Paris and drinking tea is not the same without her.

However, I waited patiently (sometimes impatiently) for her visit to Paris...

FINALLY! And all was well, though we didn't find time to have tea together, but that's fine, we'll save that for new year...that and our new year's kiss (winky face).

I cannot tell you how much I miss you wife - look forward to coming home to you soon!