Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Soulmate

A couple of years ago I went travelling, and as such I had to find someone to replace me in my flat...cue Steph.

An ad in, and who should answer but the ying to my yang, the fish to my chips, the teabag to my get what I mean.
Steph and I had barely exchanged a message before we knew this was something special, something that was going to last a lifetime. It even meant that while I was off travelling the world, the person I contacted to open my post and provide me all sorts of confidential information was the (then relatively unknown) Miss Murphy. Imagine our absolute ecstasy then, when my moving back home coincided with a room becoming available in the flat. Steph and I were flatmates!

So our long distance soulmate-ship became a very close quarter soulmate-ship. Many a cup of tea was drank and many a gossip was shared as we caught up on the twenty (or so) years we had missed from each others life. It lead to some serious ridiculousness...including a good hour spent trying to get the flags draped from the ceiling to sway by making fart noises. Yes, we are mature.

Fun times were had messaging each other - even though we were both in the living room... Now we have one less excuse to talk with voices YAY
 me: ha I love that there was still the 'ha' despite me clearly having heard you
 me: hahahhahahahahahaha

That's one of my favourites but there are so many to choose from that I could literally fill a book with hilarious conversation - this one about my internationally themed birthday party will never fail to make me laugh. I'm so excited, I feel like it's my birthday
 me: I got international cups and plates!!!
 steph.murphy88@gmail.commind explodes

Leaving Steph was one of the hardest things I had to do when I moved to Paris and drinking tea is not the same without her.

However, I waited patiently (sometimes impatiently) for her visit to Paris...

FINALLY! And all was well, though we didn't find time to have tea together, but that's fine, we'll save that for new year...that and our new year's kiss (winky face).

I cannot tell you how much I miss you wife - look forward to coming home to you soon!

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  1. Miss you infinitely more. INFINITELY. That's like, absolutely loads. I know, I checked with a calculator. New Year can't come quickly enough. xxx