Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas fun!

Christmas day rolled around without too much excitement! Mum, Kevin, Peanut and I had fun opening presents but I have to admit, Christmas passed by me this year without too much notice. I guess cos in France they don't put up their decorations til December!

Peanut was more excited than me - bless her. I got some lovely presents from everyone and enjoyed some seriously chilled days watching films and eating my body weight in crisps...
And enjoying cuddles from Peanut - I love that dog! But I was very excited to see Ben who made the trek to Basingstoke to see me a bit more before I returned to Paris.
You've just gotta love him! And then my sister and Dad and Liz returned from their Christmas holidays (finally) and I got to see them before I headed to London for New Years.

A day with my sister watching Pitch Perfect (awesome film btw) and generally talking to her about EVERYTHING and then off to London where I immediately jumped on the wife!
And as if that wasn't awesome enough - Naomi, whom I met in Paris came over for New Years!! It was an awesome, very chilled party with mainly board games and hilarious just dancing...

It all culminated in Steph and I ordering the worst takeaway known to man-kind (beggars at 3a.m. cannot be choosers, after all)! A very bad night's sleep followed as I worried about making my 9am eurostar on time, and I dragged my very hungover self to wake Steph up to say bye (cos the wife wouldn't have me leaving without a hug) and dragging my suitcase to the station, wondering what the hell I was doing living in Paris when the family I so very carefully chose for myself (and my actual family) were all here...

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