Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Driving home for Christmas...

Well, I returned yesterday from my wonderful 10 or so days in London and nearby, and had to admit that I was very ready to leave Paris and return to the city where it rains too much.

I arrived in London a little too excited...and yes, maybe I was literally first one off the train and out of the eurostar section to be greeted in St Pancras by the boyfriend, sign in hand in case I doubted he was there to meet me :-)

Taking some time to adjust to everything being written in English (it was weird, ok?), Ben treated me like a tourist as I forgot how things worked and freaked out that everyone could understand what I was saying if they overheard my conversation.

Ben took me to 'The Diner' where I promptly ordered a cup of tea (which was DELICIOUS...especially considering it was an American Diner) and an English fry up - call it what you want on the menu, I know a fry up when I see it!

Baked beans! YAY! Ben had the more American option...

It was awesome - though I was pretty tired having spent a late night packing and not sleeping very well due to excitement about coming home! Ben relented and let me spend the afternoon in bed. In the evening though he surprised me with a cinema showing of Wizard of Oz...complete with live ochestra!

The guy knows a good date! It was awesome! We then went to Byron for dinner which was awesome since I've wanted to go there for a while and I was TOTALLY in the mood for a burger!

Ben helped himself to my onion rings...the bastard...or did we order them to share? I doubt it, doesn't sound like me.

The next day I took Ben to Winter Wonderland...perhaps a selfish date on my behalf since I really wanted to go but hey!

Dare me to lick the ice wall?
Me and Ben were a bit like that episode of  How I Met Your Mother when Robin and Barney touch everything in the museum...
The Ice Kingdom was pretty cool though...haaaa, pun not intended.
This one is me and Ben being King and Queen of Ice Kingdom - cos we're awesome. Fact.
So, what did Ben think of Ice Kingdom....


One of the best parts of the Ice Kingdom was leaving it and finding the weather really warm! Ben and I went to the carousel bar for a drink. This rotating platform bar took people watching to a whole new level! It was awesome!

We had some fun later on the games and Ben won me a cuddly dog toy!

This adorable pink puppy was aptly named Winston. Winston is currently residing in Paris.

Deciding that our date had reached an appropriate clichéd level - me and Ben decided to get an early night, one of us had work in the morning - sucks to be that person! I decided to spend the next day with a fellow non-working on Christmas eve person - WILSON!

Who was beardless - the things that happen while I'm away! A big breakfast (yes it's the Diner again) and some Oxford St shopping and I headed home to my delightful home village of least Mum knows how to stock a fridge!

Sigh. It's good to be home.

To be continued...

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