Monday, January 7, 2013

Film Review: Life of Pi

If you're thinking you read the book and didn't like it - you shouldn't write off the film. I found the book really slow and pretty dull but luckily, the film skips straight into the interesting parts of the book. Not to mention it is an absolutely stunning film visually.

Try not to find out too much about it if you haven't read the book. All you need to know is it's about a boy who is on his way from India to Canada on a boat with his family and their zoo animals when it is caught in a terrible storm and sinks. He is left on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger and tries to survive in the hope of finding land.

I really enjoyed this film, so different from anything else out at the moment. Fantastic performances and I will definitely be buying it when it's available on DVD, even though it's not one you'd sit down to watch too often.

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