Thursday, January 31, 2013

Film Review: Seven Psychopaths

Well, we all had planned to go see something else but the screening sold such we found ourselves buying tickets for the Seven Psychopaths, not knowing exactly what to expect, and having fairly low expectations considering Colin Farrell was starring.

Maybe the low expectations contributed but I really enjoyed this film. It's a touch gorier than the films I'd usually go to see but what's brilliant about it is how funny it is.

To give you an idea, Colin Farrell is a screen writer who is suffering writers block, all he has is the title, Seven Psychopaths. In his quest to create these characters, and with the help of his friend, played (hilariously) by Sam Rockwell, he finds himself encountering actual psychopaths. It really had some genius moments.

Four popcorns out of five (cos popcorn is awesome), and at the time of writing a respectful 7.4 on imdb.


  1. Just discovered your gem of a blog. Love, love, love!

    Also, on the next movie night with friends, I'll suggest this!

    1. Well thank you for making my day! :-)