Sunday, January 6, 2013

Film Review: Pitch Perfect (2012)

OK - so it looks like a singing version of 'Step Up' but I have to say, this film is well worth a chance. It's got some seriously funny bits to it, but I have to admit it's the kind of film that more appeals to girls (a group of girls being the main characters) but any boyfriend that might be dragged to the cinema will enjoy a few laughs as well.
The highlight is Rebel Wilson. Playing a similar character to the one in Bridesmaids but she's hilarious...not that Anna Kendrick isn't good, she definitely is, but again, it's the same character we saw in Twilight or Scott Pilgrim, an indifferent sarcastic bitch. I like her though. And sue me, I like the song numbers.

The story line's predictable but the laughs and perfomances are good.

Four popcorns out of five and sporting an impressive 7.2 on imdb.

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