Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Evening with Steph

The Wife came for a long weekend, Wednesday to Sunday. Now, it was unfortunately ruined by circumstances beyond our control but I'm going to completely ignore it and recount the fun I had finally having some time with Steph again. I unfortunately had to work during the week but Steph and I enjoyed doing what we do best in the evenings, drinking tea (or wine) and watching TV.

Friday night we had plans to hit that awesome fondu place, le refuge des fondues, which I now don't think I'll be going back to since me and the old man that runs the place jokingly made a few too many suggestive faces to each other. Even if Steph was the one that profited in the end...

Ha! I enjoy this picture no end! It was me, Steph, Sophie, Sophie's (lovely) friend Hannah and Christina, so, all in all, an amazing girly crowd with plenty to talk about over cheese!

It looks like a picture of the fondu pot, but really I was just taking a cheeky picture of Steph's boobs. Mwahahahaha!

A couple of baby bottles of wine later and Christina lead us to an awesome little place, the People's Drug Store.
This place had a massive selection of different beers, you pick one and they put it in an insta-cooler thing. We all got some random ones (I was tempted to try Duff but went with some other beer that I can't remember, and then settled down to standard activity on a night out, a good game of chess.
I lost. I really don't get chess. After this we said bye to Hannah and Sophie (cos Sophie lives out in the styx) and we headed to a bar recommended by some random French guy. Ahem, standard.

This is where we met our best friend Caroline. Ha, we talked to her for ages, she was very lovely! But the bar closed and we were very much kicked out, and headed to the bar I went to my birthday weekend.

Steph Weekend Paris Feb 2013

Where we met another of our best friends...whose name I forget. Anyway, we got a bit fed up with this bar as the guys were very pushy for wanting to dance with you - which we do not case you think we do, we don't - so we headed home via bike which I soon realised I wasn't sober enough to be doing when I crashed and slammed my face into a plant pot. Well done me. Anyway. The next day we had a late lunch/early dinner at the Amelie café!

Steph had a croque madame, which gave me immediate food envy.

I had a deluxe burger...which I have to admit I was disappointed with. Fries weren't great either, sad times. But we both loved the bread...
Heehee, 'loved' it. Get it? Cos it's a heart? Haaaaa. Afterwards we nipped off to the pub to watch England beat France (YAAAAAY!) And then, in classic Steph and Nichola fashion, we watched When Harry Met Sally....and promptly fell asleep during it!

Less than three weeks til I get home and will have plenty more nights with the wife. By God, there will be tea.

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