Friday, February 1, 2013

Vegetable Stew

I think I've mentioned I can't cook. I've managed to get a few recipes under my belt but generally, I'm pretty useless. But since soon enough I will be cooking for someone else on a regular basis as well as myself, I think it's high time I actually tried to expand my horizons. This I actually found on the old reliable BBC Good Food website as Italian Beef Stew - I opted to make a veg version since I need to eat more veg and I'd had a burger for that was enough beef for one day.

Snow Day Jan 2012

Yellow pepper
black olives
tin chopped tomatoes
olive oil
rosemary - which you should apparently buy fresh but I couldn't see it in the French supermarket so I nabbed my housemates 'herbes de provence'.

Now - I don't know many things, but my chef friend did show me how you're meant to deal with garlic.

Snow Day Jan 2012

Crush the clove whole under the flat side of a knife, then chop of the ends and peel the skin - easy peasy.

Snow Day Jan 2012

Chopped onion and garlic get lightly fried in olive oil in your saucepan. Ok, the aubergine, now, don't judge me, but this was the first time I'd ever bought an I youtubed a video on how chop it.

Snow Day Jan 2012
Chop off the top and half it.

Snow Day Jan 2012
Chop it long ways.

Snow Day Jan 2012
Then across for yummy bite sized pieces.

Snow Day Jan 2012
Chop your courgette and add it to the saucepan with your now partly fried onions and garlic, add your tin of chopped tomatoes.

Snow Day Jan 2012
My mistake was using plum tomatoes and then adding too much water, making the 'stew' part of it just tasting a bit tomatoe-y. I've also been advised to add a veg stock cube next time...OH! My yellow peppers in there too. Add your rosemary!

Snow Day Jan 2012
Add black olives once it's done (about 20 mins) later and it actually wasn't bad. Oddly enough, better the day after. This made me two big portions.

Snow Day Jan 2012
Enjoy with good wine...or whatever you prefer...good luck and if you do try it and it turns out tastier than mine (not hard) PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW YOU DID IT!

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