Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tate Modern - Lichtenstein Exhibit

It's been a long time but with moving home, settling back to living in London and trying to get the new house in order...well, it's been difficult! Anyway, the house is still coming together thanks to busy schedules, an immense amount of stuff and, well to be honest, a little laziness. I'll post pictures when it's a bit more settled. Anyway, Ben and I are enjoying the long weekend and yesterday, we actually went further than the pub next door.

For a brief period, the Tate Modern has a Lichtenstein exhibit. It's pretty steep for the size of it at £14.50 a ticket, and if you're like me and Ben you'll zip through it in under 20 minutes, but it's got some fantastic pieces.

I loved this one - a fake mirror. There was four of them, but this was my favourite. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, you're not allowed to take any so these are sneaky phone photos.

I think Ben and I ended up spending more time in the gift shop! Not many of the pictures had a postcard equivalent which was disappointing, but we made a couple of very fun purchases!

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