Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chipolata and Chorizo Jambalaya

I'm loving this cooking malarky. I definitely chalk it up to the open plan kitchen/living room. I suffer massively from FOMO so being in the kitchen and able to chat to Ben in the living room is perfect for me. Anyway, we had chipolatas from the weekend so I googled for a recipe and found this oh so simple and delicious jambalaya. It's Waitrose specific but I ignored that and did a little of my own thing too....

Ingredients - olive oil for frying, one red pepper, one green pepper, basmati rice (about half a 500g pack will be used), one red onion, a tin of chopped tomatoes, 12 chipolatas and salad onions! You'll also need 450ml of chicken stock - a cube in hot water :)

Start by frying the sausages (if you note there's only six in here that's because my frying pans are very little so I used two) when they start to brown throw in the chopped chorizo and red onion. Then add in the rice to cover it in the delicious chorizo-y oils!

About three minutes after that change up to a saucepan and add in the stock and tomatoes. Simmer with a lid on for 15 mins then throw in the peppers and chopped salad onions (but save some salad onions for garnish).

Leave for 10 more minutes, or until the liquid is all absorbed and the rice is ready (make sure when you're testing that you blow on it plenty cos it's hot as anything and nothing worse than a burnt tongue!). I added a smidge of tabasco, but literally only a few drops to give it something extra.

And voila, it was yummy and oh-so-easy! I had the fore-thought this time to put some away in tupperware for my lunch the next day, cos Ben doesn't let anything go to waste...

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