Friday, April 5, 2013

Come Dine with Chris

We remember my friends Chris, Jenn and Sarah. Long standing and always insane, I am very happy to be back in London and reunited with them. Last night we met for dinner round Chris', the idea came up to start 'Come Dine with Me' type dinner rounds...we'll see if it comes to fruition but in the mean time we'll see how Chris did.

Chris prepared a mushroom and cheese tart as an appetiser, though burnt in some places, it was generally appreciated all round as being tasty, flaky goodness. Though he did not make the pastry himself, Sarah pointed out.

These pastry dishes were followed by 'burritos' ... which we also felt the need to point out weren't burritos as much as they were minced meat fajitas...tasty as they were Jenn felt Chris should be marked down for presentation...

Yep - everyone loves a frying pan on the table.

Dessert became a guessing game. Sarah had brought Waitrose Millionaire Shortbread, but it had turned out Mrs Marsh had provided Chris with a couple of slabs of home made versions. Both were tested (blind testing cos the shape definitely didn't give it away) and Deirdre won! There was some serious stealing of the shortbread after that cos it was amazeballs!

Final score: 17

Sorry Chris, comments did include that you can't take credit for your mum's dessert and we were expected to grate our own cheese...I mean, we're not animals.

If you want to try Chris' recipes at home, just do the following:

1. When your tarts look about done, leave them a little longer, if they start to go a little black, that's time to serve.
2. Don't add spices to your mince meat mascarading as burritos...keep it gooood and bland, that's what salsa's for, after all.
3. For the delicious millionaire shortbread, call Chris' Mum. Her number's generally available in any public men's bathroom.

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