Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paris Visit: Day One

This weekend I hopped over to Paris to visit my friends who haven't joined me this side of the channel yet! My first day was Isobel filled, so I thought I'd dedicate some time to talking about her, because we all love our friends, but it's quite rare we actually take some time out to tell them just how amazing they are and how much you appreciate their presence in your life. Not to sound too sappy or anything...

Paris Visit Apr 2013

I met Isobel not long after moving to Paris, so I've probably known her a little under 8 months, but she's already one of those people I wouldn't want to live my life without. She's one of those people that seem to know can't talk about anything without Isobel having some kind of interesting fact about it (did you know Birmingham has more canals than Venice?).

Shreena's Bday Paris December 2012

Moreover, and there is no way I can say this without sounding a little pathetic, Isobel's relationship with her husband, Tim, is incredibly inspiring. I won't go into details because it's not my relationship and not my place to divulge information, but these two are 5 years together, 2 of which they've been married, and they are so into each other, so thoughtful and considerate towards each other...and all other positive adjectives you can think of, they're all that too. I'm such a romantic, ridiculously romantic really, and nothing makes me happier than to see people genuinely crazy in love with each other. They're also just awesome fun!

Paris Visit Apr 2013
I could go on, cos Isobel's already made such an impact on my life, but I think I've established my girl love for her I will talk about the delicious place she took me for lunch!

Paris Visit Apr 2013

Welcome to cafe constance - a place where I finally managed to get some decent French food (sue me, it's hard to find as far as I'm concerned). Isobel had oysters to start.

Paris Visit Apr 2013

I forget exactly what it was I had...some kind of paté with sausage type stuff in it on a bed of lentils (just to make it sound really appetising) - it was lovely, especially with French bread. 

Paris Visit Apr 2013

For mains, Isobel had...veal I think it was - and very tasty, I tried some. However, my meal was phenomenal...

Paris Visit Apr 2013

Ohmygod pure deliciousness. Not a lot else to report for my first day in Paris...I actually forget what Isobel and I did to start the day before lunch - oh! We went shopping! Forgot about that! I'd come over on a night bus though so sleep was very much necessary! Plus we were getting up early in the morning...

P.S. if you're a pretty apt cook and can't wait to go to France for this kind of food, the cafe is owned by a very popular French chef who wrote a book - in English! It's available here.

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