Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Coronet

I am about to hit you with the most irritating, first world problem that there is...I have too many good friends. Seriously. They're not just friends I want to see every now and then, they are friends I cannot get enough of. As such, my social calendar is insanely full, seriously, I'm making plans with people for July cos weekends and evenings are booked up with birthdays, nights out, dinners etc. As a result, Ben and I haven't had a whole lot of quality time together. So, last night we had a 'date night' (scheduled two weeks in advance).

Welcome to the Coronet. Definitely my favourite cinema. You can find it in Notting Hill (and it is, in fact, the cinema that Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant visit in the film) and on Tuesdays it's a bargain £3.50 a ticket (call to book though cos it sells out). Ben and I visited on a Wednesday (no orange Wednesdays so don't ask) and it was blissfully quiet.

Inside it's still done out like a theatre, and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Ben and I sat in the balcony to enjoy The Place Beyond the Pines. The seats are still theatre seats so if you're a bit used to Vue or Odeon plush seats this might seem a little uncomfortable. The popcorn is amazing though, so much better than you'll find in other cinemas (I'm a sweet popcorn person so can't say anything for the salty) and you can buy a nice wine or beer at the little bar stand too.

Check it out - it's a nice change, makes your film a bit more of an event. They often show less mainstream films too which is a nice treat! Website here.

Very enjoyable date night - grabbed a pret-a-manger down the street beforehand too - love a good toastie!

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