Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Darkness

I've only just found the pictures on my camera from the night that Adam and I went to see the Darkness in Paris! Who remembers the Darkness? I loved them, I was really sad to realise upon seeing them that I remembered relatively few of their songs though. Sad times. They still put on a HELL of a good show, as they did back in the day, and the songs from their new album indeed sound promising... if you're a fan, buy it here!

I am very proud of this picture. First one I took of the gig - no other ones are going to match this!





Now, if you've seen The Darkness before, you'll know that Justin Hawkins tends to get on his brothers shoulders and play through the crowd. This WOULD have been an amazing picture of that since he went right by me, but someone knocked me just as he went past. So, boo.

The best thing that happened though, was at the very end of the gig when Justin read a sign held by one of the fans. It said: "Please let me play I believe in a thing called love." The guy NAILED it. You can see it here.
Fantastic show!

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