Monday, June 17, 2013

80s vs 90s @ The Jazz Café - Camden

So, we are down to mere weeks before Shreena and Krishna completely abandon me for Texas. I refuse to be sad about it though because we often go months without seeing each other and easily keep in touch to the point that when we do see each other again, we just veg out in front of the TV, so we'll be fine.

Anyway - Shreena assorted some of her favourite people -

Shreena's Leaving Do

We went to Bloomsbury Lanes in Russel Square which is, just absolutely awesome - I recommend it above Allstar lanes because you're not obligated to get dinner there and they have arcade games and table tennis and foosball for free!!

Shreena's Leaving Do
Everyone seemed to be on good bowling form - except Steph who has caused herself some serious wrist damage by stapling, of all things, that wife of mine cannot be left to her own devices!

Shreena's Leaving Do

Look at her, useless without me.

Shreena's Leaving Do

The plan was to go to 80s vs 90s night at The Jazz Café in Camden after bowling which is why Shreena and I are dressed like this...though I don't think we were obvious enough! Even with our 90s hair bits pulled down!

Shreena's Leaving Do

We spent some of our time dancing but the dance floor was pretty crowded and jostly...they also were a little stingey with their tunes, we did eventually get 5ive, Spice Girls and, the one tune I'd really wanted, Mambo No. 5, but inbetween were some numbers we were not such fans of - plus, Ben hugely distracted us with the drinking game Ping Pang Pong. Know it?

OK - we'll explain. It's simple. Pick a person to start, they say ping, it then moves clockwise, the person to the left says pang, move clockwise again, this person says pong while simultaneously pointing to a person. This person then starts the next ping and it moves on like this. Sounds easy enough, right?

The trick is anyone can point at any time, and this causes a whole mess of confusion!

Take a sip of your drink if you lose but obviously drink responsibly, a hangover is a pain in the arse and even worse if you ruin the night for yourself or your friends by having too much. Know your limits, watch your intake. Everyone has a good time.

In our group we were all on good form, enjoying a few drinks but no messes of the night for the most part. I'm hoping to sneak in another evening or two with the Punwasi's before they go State-side, but we had a hell of a night saying our unofficial goodbyes!

Shreena's Leaving Do


  1. This looks like so much fun! I love to mix up the usual club nights with something unusual like bowling or jazz clubs :D

    Xx Sarah

    1. Jazz clubs you say? I'd like to hear some recommendations on that front!