Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Memories of India

I have been a terrible Briton of late. This massive heatwave has descended and I have done nothing but complain. Our little cottage attracts the heat like anything and keeps it, no matter how many windows you open. As such, lying in bed, a safe distance from Ben as any skin contact is horrendous in the humidity when you're trying to sleep, I found myself wondering how I managed to cope when me and my sister spent six months travelling through Thailand, Laos, India and Nepal.

Any excuse to recap! India was the second part of mine and Fiona's travels. We started in Delhi. You will never find a country so removed from our own, it was crazy. I don't know that you're ever prepared for it really.

We travelled by train mainly - not especially glamourous and we got stared at, a lot, for hours on end. We tried every class by the end of our trip - if you're not into roughing it, spend the extra for the higher class carriage where possible.

Joined by Chris we travelled all over, starting in Delhi we went to Agra, then Varanasi, then Nepal for a couple of weeks, I forget where we headed exactly after that but we hit Shimla, Manali, Dharamsala, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Goa, Hampi, Bangalore and Pondicherry.

Varanasi was really spectacular, it's got all these ghats leading down into the Ganges river, it's a holy city so you'll see lots of body burning too.

Nepal was cold...
Shimla involved an awesome train ride.
Manali was also freezing so we were very glad to make our way down south to warmer areas. In Udaipur we took a cooking class.

It was amazing...I really should find my notes and attempt to cook some of it really.
In Ahmedabad we visited a friend of mine from way back who lived there in a pretty nice house! Shreena and Shivani were over as well to shop for Shreena's wedding so it was lovely to catch up!

And we got to see where Shreena's Ba (Gran) grew up. The tiniest village with the loveliest locals!

After our goodbyes to Shreena and Shivani we went on to Mumbai where we were joined by Tom. We then headed to Goa where we were joined by my Dad and Liz!

Who ever managed to travel round India and meet up with everyone from home?! Tom, with his pale Irish skin was the source of much facination from the locals.

India won the cricket while we were out there - there were fireworks in the street, it was crazy!

Check OUT my tan! Man, travelling was awesome.

Welcome to Hampi! No one seems to have heard of Hampi but it was my favourite place in India!

And then Pondicherry...

After which we sadly said bye to Tom and Chris because me and Fi were headed back to Thailand!

If you're tempted to travel to India I most definitely recommend it but I would say, it all sounds amazing afterwards, but it's not all easy. We sometimes spent two days constantly travelling on packed trains, freezing buses...and we found in India there's not always a proper toilet stop...You're almost definitely going to get sick at some point and the constant bartering (you'll never be given a fair price for anything) and cons get so exhausting. Also, if you're a female, you're going to have problems, travel with a guy.

Having said all that India was one of the best experiences of my life and I plan to go back! The food is unbelievable, the scenery is unparalleled and you will not be giving more of a culture shock anywhere else!

If you do want more info on what we did/where we went let me know :-)


  1. This all looks amazing! India's place I haven't managed to visit yet...mostly because I'm scared of getting Delhi belly! But your photos are gorgeous xxxx

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. That was a super quick comment! We all did get delhi belly but it's ok - if you look in lonely planet it tells you what pills to take, I forget now, and it gets you over it pretty quickly. I never really felt too bad but I guess it depends how sensitive a stomach you have already!
      You have to go though - it's phenomenal!

  2. Wow, your pictures in Hampi are great! I live in Southeast Asia (Philippines to be exact) but I've never been to India. I guess nothing would ever prepare anyone to the harsh realities of what living in a third-world country is like. Believe me, I live in one and it's not easy. xx