Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Run to the Beat

I am being a little crazy this year, I agreed to enter Tough Mudder and my fourth half marathon, in September. With just under 12 weeks to go until tough mudder - I am in serious training mode. Luckily, so is Ben, and there is nothing more motivating than your boyfriend arriving home flexing his gorgeous, tattooed, ever-increasing guns...drooool. Ahem, what was I talking about. Oh yeah! Anyway - the half marathon is Run to the Beat and I am running on behalf of Crisis

I've run on behalf of British Heart Foundation, as my Grandad died of heart problems, Bowel and Cancer Research, after one of my best friend's mum was diagnosed, and now Crisis...not because I know any homeless people but because once I was on my way back from a play I had seen with friends and I met eyes with a homeless person, and for some reason I'll never be able to explain, it absolutely broke my heart. I honestly don't know why because I have seen countless homeless people before, including those who are unfortunate enough to live in the slums of India - but for whatever reason it happened, and I've been meaning to do something for homelessness ever since.

So now I have my chance. If you're feeling generous, or even if you're not I'd appreciate if you sponsored me - even a teeny tiny amount. You can donate by clicking here.

Tonight I'll be curling up in my nice warm bed in my cute little rented house, I am sure you're likely to do something similar - please spare a thought for those who aren't as fortunate as us.

Thanks so much for reading this xx


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    - Janine