Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bouquet of Three Awards

Well, WHOOP! I've been given my first blogger award by Sheryl over at My Dolce Vita - this is pretty awesome since I don't have very many followers - it's nice to know the people who do follow me enjoy my random ramblings!
Thanks Sheryl - means the world to me!! In turn I am going to give out my Bouquet of Awards, if you would like to do the same (and you should because it's so nice to know how much people love your blog) here are the rules:
1. Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog
Bouquet of Three Award
Bouquet of Three Award
2. Announce your win with a post. Make sure to post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.
Thanks again to My Dolce Vita! Sheryl lives over in the Philippines - I love her blog because it's like experiencing another part of the world without leaving London! 
3. Present up to 15 awards to deserving bloggers
I don't have many blogs that I follow but the ones I do, I really enjoy. I would like to share Bouquet of Three Award to the following bloggers:
Newleywed Niggles - this is the blog of one of my best friends Shreena - she started it not long after she married and it's full of the hilarious conversations/ridiculous ramblings between her and her husband. Definitely nip over and check her out.

Cake vs Scales – I love to exercise and Katie is a brilliant little motivator to keep in my blog list. She did a post once about how hard it was to run in this hot weather and I loved her for it as I was being a little skiver on clocking up my miles.

Challenge Steph - Another of my best friends, Steph started this blog the beginning of the year as she was taking the '1 photo a day' challenge. She's gotten very bad at keeping it up to date but hopefully she'll keep us updated as she travels through Canada and her writing is hilarious.

Have a cup of tea with Kloe - Everytime I read her blog I want to reach into my computer and give her a hug, she is so lovely and one of my first fellow blog followers! I also love her for book recommendations. The girl has good taste!

Life is Worth the Fight – If you don't follow Stacie already then you need to. Nothing will keep you more humbled than reading about her life as she waits for a heart and lung transplant with nothing but a positive attitude and a love of life. 

My Ginger Bread Journey - I love love love her photographs. Not to mention her ludicrously amazing hair. On top of that she's a genuinely lovely girl who gets up to all sorts which makes for a very interesting read. Love her! In a totally not weird, stalking you from afar kind of way...

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.
1. I've been on TV as an audience-type-person...I wasn't really sure what it was before I got there and there's a reason there's no link to it.
2. Despite my strong opinions against tattoos I have one on my foot which I got done drunkenly in Thailand with bamboo. I do love it, I just think tattoos should be about a time in your life as opposed to decorating your body.
3. For the majority of my adult life I had a chipped front tooth which I only got fixed two years ago. Hilariously, one of my closest friends only asked me about it the other day.
4. I was needle phobic from about 12-25, I don't exactly like them now but when I needed 9 to go travelling I had to face up to it pretty sharpish. They're not pleasant but they're over in two seconds.
5. I'm from a Scottish family - people are always surprised by my parents accents - despite living in England for 30 years they both still have pretty strong accents and say things like 'piece in sausage' - which means sausage sandwich.
6. I've lived in Paris for a total of 18 months, once with my office and once as part of my law degree.
7. I used to be a cheerleader...but only for the dance squad. There was one routine I was super proud of and you can catch it here. I'm furthest left, second from the back. And don't worry - the routine isn't 15mins long!
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Thanks for accepting the award, Nichola! :D
    You have a great list of blogs to check out, and it's fun reading your interesting/random things. xx
    Keep blogging and let's share the blogger love! :D

  2. Thank you so much for the award - Plus you've introduced me to some interesting new blogs which will make for lovely after dinner reading :)
    I love your blog - Keep up the good work!
    Vous avez fait ma journée and that's about as expressive as my French gets!

  3. I'm excited to check out these blogs! Thanks for the heads up!