Thursday, November 14, 2013

Faye's Bday

Faye and I met first year of Uni. I was running round halls wrapped in bubble wrap and Faye came out of the kitchen to investigate. Her and I became firm friends pretty quickly, bonding over a love of dancing (though she is light years better than me!) and silliness! 

We're quite a bit older now, in fact next September will be 10 years since we all started Uni, but two things have remained the same, we're still friends (though we don't see each other as much due to hectic conflicting schedules) and we still love to dance. Faye is still miles better than me, but that was never going to change! Anyway, I digress.

We went to the Water Poet for a Sunday roast.

Faye's Bday Nov 2013
Faye's Bday Nov 2013
Faye's Bday Nov 2013

Faye's Bday Nov 2013
Forgive me, this was the day after the Arnie Allnighter and I wasn't on the ball enough to take pictures of the amazing roast dinners we all enjoyed. But it was amazing. The pub itself is also pretty awesome and always busy. Good atmosphere. Afterwards, we went round the corner to an awesome bar which is popular with swing dancers, which is what Faye is now specialising in. I nabbed these pictures from her Facebook so you can see how awesome she is!

nabbed from Faye's facebook

Nabbed from Swing Patrol London's facebook
Faye is a member of swing patrol. I fully intend to get very involved in January cos it looks awesome fun!

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