Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello 2014

So, New Years is a time to look back over the previous year and...well, I guess, see what you learned. I started 2013 in Paris, planning to come home and move in with Ben. A milestone in anyone's life, first time living with a boyfriend.

Has living with Ben been a learning experience? Hells yes. Luckily, we survived the trials and tribulations that moving in together brings, though I would say it takes about 3 months to find the harmonious living balance. That's not to say that now it's blissful, easy paradise. There are still the 'who left this here?' moments (a completely redundant question since it's just the two of us, yet both of us look completely innocently at the wrapper on the kitchen counter and insist it couldn't have been us). Moving in with Ben was an awesome decision though, and I'm so happy we did it.

We're moving soon though. The awesome house is also a bit too old, and damp problems have shoved us out the door. But hey - plenty of good memories! Looking back over the year (and over my blog which is a gorgeous little online diary of the bigger and better things I got up to) 2013 seems to just be filled with friends. Dinners, lunches, cinema trips, theatre, drinks, parties. Yeah. Pretty damn good year.


My year in pictures. A good year. Definitely a good year. So, what does 2014 have in store? The new flat should be ready in a couple of weeks, exciting, my new job is in the works...though I'm not sure of my start date yet!
My New Year Resolution is to become completely fluent in French. The time has come. I always think New Years Resolutions should be positive. Everyone aims to stop a bad habit or give up something but I think it's much better to take something up so I've signed up for some French lessons at City Lit and I am going to try to listen to a little podcast or something every day to get me to a point where I can reel off a load of French without having to work out how to construct my sentences! Paris marathon is lined up for 6th April so hopefully by the time I'm back in Paris I'll be chatting away! Happy New Year everyone! I hope you made some good resolutions yourself?


  1. Happy New Year Miss - I agree it does take 3 months and it has with us..We where both just so used to living alone and being selfish it can be a shock at first having someone around all the time.
    Best of luck with your French..I'd love to become fluent - Your seriously advanced in comparison to me and I definately think it's something I'll pick up and work on in the future.
    Good luck with the move, mara&new job etc...Sounds like 2014 is going to be your year!

    1. So true! And it's easier to deal with mess when it's your own! I'm not sure my French is that advanced, the class I'm taking is 'upper intermediate'. I'm hoping it'll help me get back into it then I can advance.
      Happy New Year to you! Hope you've made a new years resolution! :-)

  2. Happy New Year ! Look at you, moving in with the boy. At least it's not flatmate you have to play the "who left it there" game. LOL. Good luck on your French. I need to brush up my Russian which I neglected last year. A bien tot !


  3. I know - I've had too many years already with that!! Russian is a challenge! I've got a couple of friends who are learning it at the moment - well done you!