Sunday, March 23, 2014


Sarah and I were way overdue for a catch up. I did a bit of a google to find something a bit different for our dinner date, and found this website listing some good places to eat in London without spending a fortune.

Alounak March 2014

Sarah and I went to Persian restaurant, Alounak. One of the main bonuses about this place was that you could bring your own alcohol, as they don't serve it on their menu. They charge £2.50 for corkage but you're looking at saving a bundle on a nice glass of wine with your meal!

Alounak March 2014

I'd read good things about the bread, they make it fresh at the restaurant.

Alounak March 2014

Alounak March 2014
Alounak March 2014

So for starters we ordered some bread with what looks like two plates of mush. It was in fact, a delicious houmous and an aubergine..thing. I can't remember the name of it, but it was really good. After a brief chat with the girl on the table next to us, we decided to share a main, which turned out to be a very smart decision.

Alounak March 2014

It was very good and, though the service is a little 'hurried', you can forgive them since they run a very busy restaurant. I don't think I'll be heading back anytime soon, not because I didn't have a fantastic meal, but because Persian food isn't really my thing. The starters were really delicious but meat and rice isn't my favourite meal, even if the meat was really good. But it's definitely a good one to try for something a bit different! 


  1. I love your blog. Your photos are great. What software do you use to edit with as I'm looking at buying some?
    Beth x

    1. Aww! Thanks! I just use blogger, nothing added in but if you do find anything good let me know!