Friday, March 28, 2014


When I told my sister I was going to see this film, she said she hadn't heard about it. When I explained it's the one where the guy falls in love with his computer system she responded with "Oh my God, I thought that was an iPad advert, it looks awful!". Fair enough it's not a usual concept, but I always like those films that are a little bit different.

Sadly, I've had some rather disappointing trips to the cinema of late. The Grand Budapest Hotel did not live up to my expectations...and I forget what I saw before that, but it suffices to say that I haven't been overwhelmed. I'm a big Scarlett Johansson fan and very much enjoy Joaquin Phoenix, so I made sure to see this film before it disappeared from cinematic viewing.

"Her" did not disappoint. But, I will stop there because Ben decided to write me a little film review for the blog and I thought it was perfect and better than anything I would have written. So here you go...

Her is the new film from Spike Jonze, set in a tech-topia (technical utopia) this hipster film follows the romance between quirky Theodore, wondrously and emotionally well played by Joaquin Phoenix, and his operating system Samantha, played by the diverse and brave Scarlett Johansson. The fact that the film leaves you believing in this blossoming relationship is down to the witty dialogue and the honest portrayal of emotions in a relationship, and the comedy moments allow for the break up of the slow pace of the film. The only downside is the film's unsurprising and inevitable ending, with its social dialogue of where a society of technical advancement is moving towards. This is a film that you and Siri can enjoy together...

I didn't find the ending a 'downside' at all but each to their own opinion I guess. I do recommend this film so long as you don't mind something a bit 'different' that's more character focused than featuring a fast paced storyline.

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