Friday, August 1, 2014

Chap Olympiad

I'd never heard of this event, but when an email came through of things going on in London it sounded too amazing to miss out on! Dressing as 40s ladies and gentlemen and participating in hilarious sports such as umbrella jousting and bakewell tossing... we donned our gladrags and hit the scene with our packed picnic...

All pictures by Mr Chris Wilson...I took some myself but they pale in comparison so I won't even include them here! It's a picture heavy post as you really have to go to experience the event. If you want to compete in the sporting events you need to get there early (12.00pm on the dot) as the register was already full when we rolled up at 1.00pm.
Definitely take a picnic and get involved by dressing's a very novel feeling to be travelling through London dressed this way and then arriving here where everyone is dressed the same!

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