Friday, September 12, 2014

Film Four at Somerset House

I've been meaning to go to this event for years and this year I finally heard about it in time to actually get tickets! So, we opted for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe.

Cinema Somerset House August 2014

First thing I learned, get there early. We got there about two hours before the film was due to start but you actually need to be there before doors open to get a good seat - where we ended up sitting wasn't bad at all, but we were left with limited options.

Cinema Somerset House August 2014

Bring a picnic - because it's fun and the food options at Somerset House weren't bad but were limited. You can bring drinks too, though no glass and two cans limit per person.

Cinema Somerset House August 2014

Hope for good weather...the Sunday we went was awful and it rained a LOT during the day - we decided to risk the film anyway and we were fortunate that, despite some threatening clouds, it only lightly rained very briefly. We all brought waterproofs anyway, better to be prepared!

Cinema Somerset House August 2014

And the last thing I learned, you cannot under prepare comfort-wise, bring some comfy padding for your bum as you're sat on cobbles. We all brought cushions and a picnic blanket which helped but I wish I'd brought a few more and that I'd made enough space to lie down as being sat cross legged gets super uncomfortable after a while for me.

It's an amazing venue to see a film at though and I do recommend it - the film itself, it was my first time seeing it and I really enjoyed it, I'll be buying the DVD!

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