Monday, August 22, 2016

I got married

I have no idea how I just completely lost time to keep this damn blog up, but I did, I let it absolutely fall apart. Anyway - lets cover something big in an attempt to rekindle the neglected thing.
I got married.

Our Wedding May 2016

People tell you a lot about your wedding day before it happens. Some I found to be true, but not everything. For one thing, the day did not fly by. It plodded along quite nicely. It was most definitely the best day of my life, but it wasn't a 'perfect' day and there were little things that bugged me, I was not protected by some bride bubble, but I can assure you, I wouldn't change a thing. And, as the day fades further and further away, all I remember are the good moments. I remember the moments I felt my chest swell with pure happiness, the moments when I realised I'd married my best friend and that from that day forward, we were going to be a unit, a legally-sealed partnership, and we'd declared our lives weren't just our own anymore, they were shared with each other.


We were extremely lucky and after a week of 'iffy' weather, the day of our wedding (and the day before in fact) was absolutely gorgeous and we got the ceremony outside that we'd wanted from the moment we saw The Old Kent Barn. Even luckier was that it was pretty windy so we didn't have the canopies over the seats that I wasn't too keen on.

Our Wedding May 2016

The wind came with its own problems though, my veil blew into Ben's face quite a bit and our DVD has some noise in the microphones, but hey, you take the good with the bad.

Our Wedding May 2016

Some things I did find. The morning of the wedding was amazing. The getting ready part. I didn't expect that, I'm not really one for fussing with my hair and make-up on a general basis so a whole morning dedicated to getting ready (and we're talking 8am for a ceremony at 2pm) sounded tedious to me and I was worried I'd be waiting around in my dress for ages, bored with a full face of make-up on.

Bridal Prep-22

It wasn't like that at all though. My hair and make-up people were absolutely lovely (Forever Hair and Make-up), and my Mum, Steph and Sarah, plodded about having tea and listening to music. It was incredibly relaxed. I actually made my Mum nervous with my lack of nerves (the butterflies arrived later). But the morning was wonderful. Now that I look back I do wonder how it never felt boring but it just didn't. We were just slowly getting ready and switching in and out for make-up and hair chatting about the day to come. It didn't fly by but I also didn't at any point think, what time is it?

Bridal Prep-29

Now, I personally made the choice to not drink on the morning of my wedding but the venue provided a bottle of champagne so I relented with a few celebratory sips before handing it over to my mum and the bridesmaids. We also in the morning had the photographer arrive (hence the wonderful pictures by White Stag Weddings) and a bit later our videographer (TDH media) who both filmed the day and our marryoke which I LOVE (link here, password: barn).


The ceremony was wonderful. It's the boring bit for everyone else but for the bride and groom, that's your moment. We walked down the aisle to Ellie Goulding: How Long Will I Love You - apparently not an original choice but I loved it when I heard it after googling 'songs to walk down the aisle to' and it's also featured in one of my favourite films "About Time" - aptly named, haha! I had always worried I would be really emotional coming down the aisle as I cry at everything (honestly. Once I cried at Deal of No Deal cos the poor guy lost), but I was fine, I smiled and was very happy that I just fully stayed in the moment as my Dad held my arm and walked me towards Ben.


Instead of a traditional reading, Ben's sister wrote a poem that was both original, funny and was the first thing to push me into actual tears. The ceremony was short and sweet and we walked back down the aisle through confetti to Beach Boys, 'Darlin'' - a much more original and timeless choice from Ben.

Our Wedding May 2016

After the ceremony comes the pictures. Now, these will all be to the couple's individual choice but personally, I didn't want to disappear from my whole wedding for loads of time and thankfully, my photographers were really, really good (honestly I cannot praise these guys enough) and didn't whisk us away for too long. We had a very small handful of 'posed' pictures taken with the bridal party and immediate family and then Ben and I had some pictures of just the two of us. Then we got to see everyone and have a drink!

Our Wedding May 2016

Oh, and we had the obligatory group shot - it's so nice to get one of everyone that made the effort to share your wedding with you so I definitely think everyone should have that! Blue suits seem to have been 'the thing' this summer.


We eschewed the traditional top table and had round tables for everyone. I don't think I'd like sitting on ceremony like Henry VIII watching everyone eat their food. We also were a little non-traditional and had the Maid of Honour do a speech as well as Father of the Bride, Best Man and Groom. So glad we did since Sarah's was straight out of a movie perfect. The food was really good, I absolutely loved it, though I'll fully admit that after the three courses the waist of my beautiful gown was causing me discomfort for the rest of the evening. The DJ played after we cut the cake and again, the night passed by without it feeling like it was getting away from me, but it also never felt like it was dragging. I made sure I saw people but I also made sure I got to have some fun on the dance floor.

Something I think most couples forget is that you plan this big day for yourself too and you need to make time to enjoy it!

Our Wedding May 2016

OK, so, I'll be audacious enough to give advice to future brides. The best thing I think I heard was said by my best friend Sarah. And she said something to me quite early on after the engagement that kept me grounded through the whole wedding process. She told me that, at the end of the day, all that matters is that I end the day married to Ben.

And Sarah's right. Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, second to having children, I imagine. What matters at the end of the day is that you walk away with that person that you have chosen to spend the rest of your life. So long as that occurs, everything else is a bonus.

I didn't put pressure on my day to be perfect. However, I am lucky and grateful that everyone involved was wonderful. As a said before, I wouldn't change a thing. We've been married about 3 months now and life is exactly the same except we're a little lighter in the wallet and a little happier with our memories.

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